Analog Man King Of Tone samples

Jim Weider with KoT and JW-40 amp

Here are some videos of Buddy Whittington playing the KoT Ver4 (red channel) with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers.

Here is a shot of his equipment first, a borrowed early 50s Tele, his Lentz Tele, a Dr. Z Carmen Ghia amp and the KoT Ver4.

Here is Sol Philcox from the UK (Now in Nashville) who put up a video shortly after getting his KoT

Sample sound clips

Here is a KoT sample with a Les Paul and a Blackface Super Reverb. Both yellow and red sides are on at the same time. The clip is from Destinado by Inca Maya. Solo played by Matt Grondin.

here is a sample from Matt Whatley. He's playing a Tele into the KoT into a Plexi type amp. The lead guitar also has an RMC2 wah on it.

Here is a sample of the DISTORTION mode of the KOT, with the drive knob all the way. Joe D is playing his Humbucker equipped guitar into a plexi clone (ceriatone) which is already probably pretty crunchy. Custard Pie.

There are not many clips of a VOX AC30 so I was happy when I was sent some clips by Aaron LaMere. He wrote:
The KOT Ďdiscovery processí was a funny one.. I was so used to a tubescreamer type pedal, it certainly took me some time to adjust to the KOT playing-wise. Iím probably a better, cleaner player now than Iíve ever been, and part of that transition has been the new-found clarity of my current rigÖ itís inspired my practice times I think, and thatís saying a lot!
You know what else is amazing about the KOT is how much more gain/distortion is actually available than I thought when I originally got it/listened to it.. It can get into that Pink Floyd distortion singing-note territory pretty easily with a delay pedal but it seems to always take some time for people to figure that out about it.. especially including myself I suppose.

Hereís a soundclip - Strat - King of Tone - AC30.
Pickup changes throughout and he turns the KOT on/off at random times.
Hereís another soundclip showing how the KOT can simulate a dirty amp, which can make it easier to use a fuzz. Strat - Fuzz - KOT - AC30 and a bit of reverb.
Volume changes at the guitar so that you can see how well the KOT and Fuzz react to volume changes.

More Sample Videos

Note these videos are made with a digital Canon camera (not a video camera) with a super cheap built-in mono microphone. So the sound is not great, but it gives you a good idea.

Test video (large!!! 7MB) of Andy Powell from Wishbone Ash checking out our new King of Tone pedal at our shop. This pedal is now touring Germany with him. Play Video

Jim Weider Band 1/17/04

Here are a few short videos from the show: Video #1 and Video #2

Here are some videos of Jim testing the KT pedal at his studio:

Jim with Tele
Jim again with Tele
Jim with Les Paul '59 Reissue

Here are some KoT sound samples from Jim playing live, through his siganture JW-40 Fargen amp:


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